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Your ideal choice for a detector and capture antibody.

ANPEG-1 mouse monoclonal IgM against PEG has been successfully demonstrated as a useful tool not only in immunogenicity assays, but also in pharmacokinetic (PK) assays for the detection of PEG or intact PEGylated drugs.

ANPEG-1 detector can be biotinylated and a streptavidin-HRP conjugate can be used to label in situ the ANPEG-1 detector in sandwich complexes formed in a PK sandwich ELISA as shown in Figure 1.


It can also be used as the capture or detector antibody in a PK sandwich ELISA. In Figure 2, ANPEG-1 is used as a capture antibody directly coated onto a regular 96 well plate (Precoated ANPEG-1 plates, P/N 11-5001). In this PK ELISA, the resulting sandwich complex will consist of ANPEG-1 capture antibody attaching the PEGylated protein drug via its PEG chain, and an enzyme-labeled detector antibody against the protein moiety of the PEGylated drug.


Figure 1. Biotinlyated ANPEG-1 used as the detector antibody in a PK ELISA for a PEGylated Protein Drug. Streptavidin conjugate to HRP reacts with biotinylated ANPEG-1 for subsequent signal generation.


Figure 2. ANPEG-1 used as the capture antibody in an PK assay for a PEGylated Drug. The IgM is directly coated on a 96-well plate. The detector antibody recognized the drug portion of the PEGylated drug.

Ordering Information:
  • Description: Biotinylated mouse monoclonal anti-PEG antibody/PEC antibody specifically binds to the repeating unit of PEG polymer.

  • Type: Primary

  • Host: Mouse

  • Antigen: PEG

  • Conjugation: Biotin-conjugated

  • Clonality: Monoclonal

  • Shipped in buffer

  • Storage Buffer: 10mM PBS

  • Storage Temperature: Store at -80°C prior to opening.

Biotinylated Anti-PEG monoclonal IgM Antibody (ANPEG-1) (100 µg)

Product No. 90-1052-100UG


Biotinylated Anti-PEG monoclonal IgM Antibody (ANPEG-1) (500 µg)

Product No. 90-1052-500UG


Biotinylated Anti-PEG monoclonal IgM Antibody (ANPEG-1) (1 mg)

Product No. 90-1052-1MG


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