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ANP Technologies®, Inc., originally spun out from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in 2002, is an innovation-driven company which has successfully developed multiple product platforms based on proprietary/patented nanobiomaterials and the nanoscale manipulation of their spatial orientation. We have focused the application of our technologies, known as the Nano-Intelligent Detection/Delivery System (NIDS®), on the following major areas of application:

Drug Delivery

Encapsulation of poorly soluble drugs in nanoparticles using our library of polymers improves their solubility and therapeutic outcomes.  We have coined the term “nanoencapsulation” to describe our polymer technology’s ability to increase the safety and efficacy of poorly-soluble and highly cytotoxic compounds in the treatment of various diseases and pathologies.  In collaboration with our partners, various nanoencapsulated poorly soluble drugs for IV injection have been developed for the treatment of lung, breast, ovarian, pancreatic cancers, as well as CNS related diseases. In addition, our nano drug delivery system is also applicable to mRNA vaccines, antibody therapeutics, and ADC drugs.

Rapid Detection of Biowarfare Agents

ANP has developed rapid lateral-flow immunoassays currently fielded by the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security for the detection of biowarfare/biothreat agents. By employing nanomanipulation techniques, our NIDS® assay is the only handheld assay that does not suffer from the deadly false negative high-dose hook effect that has plagued all the other handheld assays on the market.  Additional multiplexed detection capability along with the use of a handheld reader that completely eliminates human to human reading and environmental lighting variations has made the NIDS® rapid assays the top choice for military, state and local first responders.

Rapid Detection of Pesticides and Chemical Warfare Agents in Water, Food and Beverages

Based on the technology that it originally developed for the US Army for drinking water testing by expeditionary forces, ANP currently offers for consumer use the simplest rapid test for the detection of residual pesticides and heavy/toxic metals in water, food and beverages.  Shortly after the NIDS® ACE rapid pesticide test went on sale in various grocery stores and on Amazon, it quickly became a preferred tool for consumers to test their fresh fruit, vegetables, tea leaves, dry fruit, traditional Chinese medicines, coffee beans, beverages, wines, and, more interestingly, a research and educational tool for students ranging from middle school to college.

Immunogenicity Tests for Biotherapeutics

ANP is a leader in the immunogenicity (IM) testing of various biological molecule-based drugs which have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry in the past two decades.  Immunogenicity Testing is required to determine the safety of these biotherapeutic drugs either before or after FDA approval. We offer IM kits in ELISA and rapid lateral flow assay formats to various customers including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as CROs.

Bioanalytical Methods and Assay Components

ANP offers the popular NIDS® HyperBind line of streptavidin-activated ELISA plates which use our nanomanipulation technology for better sensitivity and more efficient protein use in serologic, pharmacokinetic (PK), and immunogenicity assays.  ANP also offers Do-It-Yourself (DIY) conjugation and assay development kits for researchers to label their own antibodies and antigens, as well as perform their own assay method development.

Protein Extraction and Removal Kit

Using the same nanomanipulation technology, ANP also offers various coated nanoparticles, which can efficiently remove different interfering proteins prior to performing PK and Immunogenicity assays.

Rapid Medical Diagnostic Tests

In collaborations with our partners, ANP has developed various rapid assays for allergy testing, COVID-19 antigen testing, as well as cardiovascular disease and cancer risk assessment.

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