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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Biotinylation and Digoxigenin Labeling Kits 

Product Features

The ANP NIDS® DIY Digoxigenin protein and antibody labeling Kits provide an easy way to label proteins and antibodies rapidly and efficiently. A simple, rapid quality control check is included in each kit to verify that the conjugation is successful. Compared to other methods, which often require at least 100 µg of the conjugate, our QC procedure consumes only low nanograms of the labeled reagent. In addition, our Digoxigenin labeling kits do not contain hydrophobic dyes that are commonly used in other Dig labeling kits, which can often negatively impact protein/antibody bindings,  as well as assay performance of the Dig labeled reagents. For best performance in ELISA based assays, please consider to pair the Dig labeling kits with our biotinylation labeling kits, and NIDS® HyperBind Streptavidin plates. We also offer our anti-Digoxigenin-HRP conjugate for use with your DIY Digoxigenin-labeled reagents.

Biotinylation & Digoxigenin Kit
DIY Biotinylation and Digoxigenin Labeling Kits
Digoxigenin Labeling Kit

Ordering Information

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Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing

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