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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

NIDS® PEG Immunogenicity Rapid Lateral Flow Assays

Product Features

ANP has established itself in the forefront of lateral flow assay technology with its advanced design for multiplexed sandwich assays, which are read with our handheld or automated readers. Our rapid assay technology has overcome the problems of lower sensitivities and hook effect (false negative results at high antigen concentrations) when multiple sandwich assays are performed on a single test strip. 

ANP's assays were originally developed for the biological agent detection market and are currently utilized by the US Department of Defense on a regular basis. From the government market, our company has branched out into the healthcare market where we have developed diagnostic assays for infectious diseases, cardiac indicators, endocrine markers, drugs of abuse, food/water borne pathogens, and others.

NIDS® PEG Immunogenicity Rapid Assay
NIDS® PEG Immunogenicity Rapid Assay

Ordering Information

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 Assays for Biological Drug Development

  • Anti-Glucagon Immunogenicity Rapid Assay

  • Anti-GLP-1 Immunogenicity Rapid Assay

  • Anti-PEG Immunogenicity Rapid Assay


Diagnostic Assays

  • Please contact us for more information.

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