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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Immunoassay Diluent

Product Features

We offer a ready-to-use immunoassay diluent for pharmacokinetic (PK), immunogenicity (IM) and direct antigen detection assays. Detector antibodies and samples can be prepared in this diluent for immediate use in any antibody-based bioanalytical test method. Our diluent generates low background signal and high signal ranges for quantitative and cutoff assays. Heterophile antibody blockers are included in our formulation to remove endogenous HAMA interferences. Our diluent has been used successfully by our customers in their PK and IM assays, reducing development time for analytical methods required for traditional and biopharmaceutical drug development and for medical diagnostic tests.

Immunoassay Diluent


  • Contains HAMA blockers

  • Protein content optimized to reduce non-specific binding and assay background.

  • pH 7.4

  • Compatible with all ELISA enzymes including horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and lateral flow assays.

Ordering Information

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Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing

***Bulk Discounts Available.

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