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Life Science

Using our unique nanotechnology and phenomenal biotechnology, ANP offers high quality life science products that meet the needs of the research and pharmaceutical markets.

 Some of our most popular products include: 

  • Our streptavidin-coated ELISA plates, which can dramatically increase detection sensitivity and specificity while reducing the amount of antigen required in the assay.

  • Mouse monoclonal antibodies against PEG, which allow pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity evaluations.

  • Rapid protein labeling kits and assay diluents, which provide a convenient solution help to develop your own assays.

PEG Immunogenicity ELISA Kit
Protein Extraction Kit
mouse anti rrm1, rrm2
DIY Biotinylation and Digoxigenin Labeling Kits
ANPEG-1 Antibody
Immunoassay Diluent
Streptavidin/Neutravidin ELISA Plate
biotinylated antibody against biothreat agents
DIY IM Rapid assay
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