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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

NIDS® High Sensitivity Neutravidin Coated ELISA Plates

Product Features

The Streptavidin- or Neutravidin-coated ELISA plates are often used when coated proteins are in limited quantities or tend to be denatured during a direct coating process. Using its proprietary nano-orientation technology known as the Nano-Intelligent Detection System or NIDS®, ANP has developed the NIDS® HyperBind line of High Sensitivity and High Binding streptavidin- and neutravidin-coated ELISA plates in clear, black, and white formats for colorimetric, fluorescence and chemiluminescence-based assays. 


  • High Efficiency Coating

  • Low-cost

  • Ready to use: plates are pre-blocked with BSA

  • Sensitive: Detection of < 1 ng/mL of protein is easily attainable

  • Specific: High signal to noise ratios with low background

  • Stable: > 18 months at room temperature 

When combined with our biotinylation reagents for labeling proteins such as antibodies or antigens, NIDS®HyperBind plates require significantly less protein than conventional streptavidin or neutravidin plates, while generating significantly higher assay signals (Figures 1 and 2).


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NIDS® illustration (left figure) showing how oriented biomolecules can dramatically enhance assay performance for a broad range of medical diagnostics. An example of the enhanced performance (right figure) is shown for a typical ELISA based assay.

NIDS® Streptavidin & Neutravidin Coated Plates

Your ideal choice for direct and serological assays. High Sensitivity NIDS® streptavidin or neutravidin-coated ELISA plates have proven to be the most sensitive ELISA plates for Serological Assays. 

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NIDS® Streptavidin & Neutravidin Coated Plates

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