NIDS® DIY Immunogenicity Rapid Lateral Flow Assays

Monitoring of patient Immunogenicity is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA), and often performed in the clinic where cost and logistics are high. Thus, the ability to perform on-site immunogenicity testing can greatly reduce these costs, while also achieving the same or better test performance. The NIDS® DIY immunogenicity rapid assay is an ideal tool for the development of your own rapid immunogenicity test capability for your biological drugs.


The NIDS® DIY Rapid Immunogenicity Assay functions similar to the home pregnancy test and requires minimal training to operate. All you need is the NIDS® universal immunogenicity rapid test strip along with the DIY biotinlyation and digoxigenin reagent labeling kits, and the NIDS® SARIV stand alone reader. Now you can easily prepare your own drug conjugate for rapid immunogenicity testing.

NIDS® DIY Immunogenicity Rapid Assay
NIDS® DIY Immunogenicity Rapid Assay
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NIDS® Universal Immunogenicity Rapid Test Strips

Product No. 1L-025

$5.99 ea

NIDS® Universal Immunogenicity Rapid Test Strips [Order quantity>100]

Product No. 1L-025

$2.99 ea

NIDS® Stand-Alone Reader III reader and software

Product No. SARIII-1PLX-IM-1EA

Call for Pricing [Leasing Available]

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