NIDS® PEG Immunogencity ELISA Kit

This is a universal method for the detection of PEG-specific Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADAs) to any PEGylated drug. It detects ADAs to PEG molecules of various structures, lengths, and linking groups.

NIDS® DIY Immunogenicity ELISA Kit

A complete Do-It-Yourself kit containing 10 HyperBind plates, biotinylation and digylation kits and all the reagents to optimize an Immunogenicity (IM) ELISA for your drug.

NIDS® PEG Immunogenicity Rapid Lateral Flow Assay

Double Antigen Bridging Assay utilizing ANPEG-1 Monoclonal Anti-PEG IgM positive control Ab, which is specifically optimized for point of care patient monitoring.

NIDS® DIY Immunogenicity Rapid Lateral Flow Assay

The NIDS® Do-It-Yourself kit is an  immunogenicity rapid assay, ideal for the development of rapid immunogenicity testing for your biological drug pipeline.

NIDS Immunogenicity ELISA Assays

NIDS immunogenicity rapid lateral flow assay