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ANP Technologies, Inc. offers a portfolio of products and services that serve the biodefense, pharmaceutical, life sciences, immunogenicity, and food safety industries.

Our Technologies


​​Our NIDS® rapid and handheld assays are widely used by the U.S. military and first responders to detect biological and chemical agent threats.


Using its library of patented polymers, ANP has successfully nanoencapsulated both small and large molecule drugs to improve  pharmacokinetics, reduce toxicity, and enhance therapeutic efficacy, & stability. ANP has multiple drugs at the IND stage or beyond! 


ANP has the best immunogenicity testing products on the market including the renowned ANPEG-1 IgM antibody, comprehensive PEG ELISA Kits, and customizable kits for any application. 

Life Science

We offer a premier portfolio of life science products including ANPEG Antibody, Streptavidin & Neutravidin  ELISA Plates, Protein Labeling & Extraction Kits, Reagents, & more.

Light and Shadow

Defense/Biological Warfare Customer Feedback 

First-rate Support for Correcting Operational Errors

“ANP’s on-site technical support team is awesome! We ran into some testing problems with the NIDS® multiplexed hand held assays and reader during initial testing. Upon our request, ANP immediately sent their tech support team to our test site and helped us to quickly identify the problem which was caused by insufficient sample volume. After that, there have been no problems what’s so ever. Thank you ANP! We truly appreciate your technical expertise and professionalism!”


Drug Developers

Defense & First Responders

Contract Research Organizations

Academic Institutions


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