• NIDS® Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Immunogenicity ELISA Kit■ 96-well format ■ Precoated PEG plates ■ Colorimetric, HRP-based ■ Highly reproducible
  • Anti-PEG Antibody■ Recognizes PEG of various lengths ■ Affinity purified ■ Successfully used in double antigen bridging immunogenicity assays
  • NIDS® Streptavidin and Neutravidin Coated Plates■ High Efficiency Coating ■ Low-cost ■ Ready to use: plates are pre-blocked with BSA ■ Specific: High signal to noise ratios with low background
  • Interfering Protein Extraction and Removal Kit (NIDS® NPX4000)■ Irreversibly removes >99% of endogenous interfering protein or drug target in patient samples ■ Does not affect original ADA levels ■ Simple extraction procedure easily adaptable to high throughput testing
  • NIDS® Handheld Reader■ Reduced weight and increased ruggedization ■ Runs on standard alkaline AA batteries ■ Large, color LCD display with variable brightness control ■ Intuitive device User Interface (UI)with context-sensitive button functions
  • NIDS® 5-Plexed and 10-plexed Biothreat Hand-held Assays■ Exhibit No Hook Effect ■ Highly Sensitive and Easy-to-Use ■ A single test for 5 targets ■ Over 3 yr. RT stability ■ Handheld Reader
  • NIDS® High Throughput Screening (HTS) Reader■ HTS Reader system enables the use of Rapid Immunogenicity and other assays in high volume preclinical and clinical studies
  • NIDS® Drug Nanoencapsulation■ NIDS® Drug Nanoencapsulation improves solubility, bioavailability, blood circulation time, maximum tolerated dose and efficacy of small and large drugs
  • NIDS® ACE■ NIDS® ACE Test for the Detection of Acetylcholinesterase-Inhibiting Pesticides and Nerve Agents in Water

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