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ASDR ACE-II Rapid Pesticide and Heavy Metal Detection System

For Commercial USe

Product Information

A lateral flow assay (LFA)–based rapid on-site pesticide test kit for professional use by water and food safety agencies, first responders, and businesses. The fluorescent signal is measured by a handheld reader. 

Broad spectrum pesticide and toxic/heavy metal contamination results in 12 minutes.

  • Technology Tested and Validated by the U.S. Army and EPA

  • Automated Handheld Reader with Date/Time Stamping and Cloud Database Storage Capability


Ordering Information

ACE-CB1000 Pelican Case.jpg

Full Kit comes equipped with NIDS® ASDR ACE-II Rapid Pesticide Detection System, which contains:

  • A Handheld Reader with Software

  • 10 Paired Rapid Pesticide Test Packs (ACE-II-a & ACE-II-b paired tests)

  • 20 Disposable Pipets

  • A standard sampling kit in a Hard Carry Case.

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