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ANP Introduces Universal Training Assay

Newark, DE (October 3, 2012) – ANP Technologies continues its long standing support of Bio-Defense initiatives with yet another product offering designed to enhance the training of military and civilian first responders. ANP is proud to present the NIDS® Universal Training Assay.


When called to investigate suspicious white powders, it is important for the first responder to maintain personal safety and to perform rapid test procedures in the correct sequence with the proper technique to ensure timely and accurate test results. The Universal Training Assay is a complete teaching toolkit for training first responders in the proper use of handheld assays during

unknown white powder events.


The Universal Training Assay training kit provides both negative and non-toxic positive white powder simulant samples for use as unknowns in training scenarios. The trainee is first taught how to prepare a sample of the suspicious powder in an aqueous solution using a sampling kit included in the kit. The unknown sample is then added to a multiplexed handheld assay test ticket, where various combinations of positive responses are generated when run with the positive simulant powder sample. When tested with the negative powder, the results will always be negative. The expected results with the positive sample are encoded on each test ticket, decodable only by the instructor.


The kit mimics exactly a real world scenario for a white powder event. Therefore, it is an ideal training tool for novice first responders to learn proper sample collection, preparation, and testing techniques using a hand-held assay.


“For many years, the U.S. Government has been searching for a cost-effective tool to train its personnel. We believe the NIDS® Universal Training Assay is precisely the type of training kit that will provide a true real world scenario in which first responders will be able to test themselves without undo exposure to otherwise lethal pathogens and toxins," commented Dr. Robert Daniel, ANP’s Senior Vice President of Government Contracts.


ANP’s Universal Training Assays are available for immediate delivery and are available to first responders internationally.


About ANP Technologies, Inc.
ANP Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in developing and commercializing various nanobiotechnology-based products for applications related to immunogenicity, biodefense, biologic drug development/testing and therapeutic drug delivery.


Celebrating its tenth anniversary, ANP is headquartered in Newark, Delaware.  For more information about ANP, please or telephone 302-283-1730.

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