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ANP and Federal Resources (FR) Secure Multi-Million Dollar Contract with U.S. Air National Guard to Support Rapid Detection of Biological Threats via ANP’s Nano Intelligent Detection System (NIDS®).

Newark, DE (January 5, 2017) - ANP Technologies, Inc. and its partner, Federal Resources (FR) have secured a multi-million-dollar contract with the U.S. Air National Guard to enhance their rapid detection capabilities for biological threat agents utilizing ANP’s Nano Intelligent Detection System (NIDS®) based rapid handheld detection system. The NIDS® biothreat detection system consists of an automated handheld reader, multiplexed handheld assays (HHA), and sampling kits. Capable of detecting multiple biological agents simultaneously, the NIDS® assays also exhibit no Hook Effect, a deadly false negative result in the presence of high concentrations of biological threat agents. 

Currently, Hook Effect plagues all HHA on the market, thus demanding an innovative solution such as ANP’s NIDS® platform. Combined with an automated reader, the data is automatically analyzed and stored electronically, providing a date and time stamp for each result. Importantly, the automated reader can eliminate human to human variation, particularly in low light conditions routinely encountered in the field. Furthermore, the HHA’s are stable at Room Temperature (RT) for at least two (2) years. Combined, these unique features significantly reduce the cost, logistics and training burden for deployment.

As the only true multiplexed handheld assays commercially available, the NIDS® biothreat detection system is widely fielded by both military and non-military first responders for the early screening of biological threat agents. By leveraging its proprietary nano-technology as well as the strategic partnership with FR, the ANP/FR team continues to provide innovative solutions to protect both military and civilian personnel from potent biological agent attacks.


Ray Yin, President and CEO of ANP Technologies, Inc. commented, “This fielding of NIDS® by the U.S. Air National Guard is another validation of our technology in addition to the acquisitions by the U.S. Army and DHS/FEMA.”

About ANP Technologies, Inc.

ANP Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in developing and commercializing various Nano-biotechnology-based products for applications in Nano-therapeutics, immunogenicity testing, chemical and biological defense, medical diagnostics, as well as food safety testing.

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