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ACE Rapid Pesticide Test Kit from ANP Technologies Supports Wesley College Environmental Based Education Module Development and Implementation to Core Curriculum of Both Science and Non-Science Majors

11 April 2019- Using the NIDS® ACE III Rapid Pesticide Test kit from ANP Technologies, Katelynn Fry from Wesley College developed and piloted a new education module designed to promote science learning and analytical thinking to non-majors. The preliminary results were presented at the 2019 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR 2019) hosted by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia as well as during Wesley’s annual Scholars day.


ACE III is a rapid test developed by ANP Technologies for detecting pesticides and toxic metals in food, fruit, beverages, water supplies and for environmental monitoring. The test has been widely utilized by everyday consumers, but not for college level educational purposes.

Fry’s program integrates the ACE III kit into a classroom-ready educational module with a combination of pesticides description, video resources, and lab instructions to guide students in the development in their own experiments using the ACE III kit for screening pesticides in food and fruit samples.


“This easily-accessible module can be adapted to fit the needs of various educational levels, including middle/high school, undergraduate, and the general population to emphasize the scientific method through environmental testing,” explained Ms. Fry.


“ANP Technologies is proud to be a sponsor for Wesley’s educational program led by Katelynn and Dr. William Kroen, Professor of Biology,” said Dr. Ray Yin, President of ANP Technologies, Inc. “Katelynn’s work opens a new model for integrating technology and education to foster and strengthen student learning. We greatly appreciate Wesley College, Katelynn and Professor Kroen for their leadership in exploring new ways for education and for bringing technology to classrooms,” continued Dr. Yin.


About ANP Technologies Inc.

ANP Technologies Inc. (ANP) is a world leader in developing innovative nanotechnologies as well as a premier provider of nanobiotechnology-based products for cancer treatment, immuno-oncology (I/O) therapy, nanotherapeutics, immunogenicity testing, vaccines, chemical and biological defense, medical diagnostics and food safety testing.


About Wesley College

Founded in 1873 as a preparatory school, Wesley College has a covenant relationship with the United Methodist Church. The College offers 30 bachelors, four associates, and master’s degrees in nursing, occupational therapy, education, business administration and environmental science in a multi-denominational, multi-cultural campus setting.

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