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ANP Technologies Receives National Tibbetts Award 2011

Newark, DE (February 15, 2011) – ANP Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has received a Tibbetts Award from the Small Business Administration (SBA) for its rapid handheld biological agent detection system.  The SBA presents the awards to companies and individuals that have advanced technological innovation and economic growth.

“This award represents the culmination of an effort we began in 2004 when we submitted our first Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal,” said ANP Technologies’ Chief Business Officer, Tom Bodnar. “We won both Phase I and Phase II of this SBIR contract, as well a subsequent Phase III full-rate production contract.  This effort has become a cornerstone of our business development.” 

ANP Technologies’ Tibbetts Award recognizes the company’s work meeting the Department of Defense’s (DoD) never-ending demand for rapid, light-weight, sensitive, and accurate biological agent detection systems.  Its technology is currently fielded by various DoD branches and is used as one of the nation’s first lines of defense.

“As a Research & Development Company, participating in the SBIR Program is essential to our ability to be creative in developing technological breakthroughs”, continued Bodnar. “Today, thanks to our SBIR success, we are able to accelerate the DoD product development cycle, which often takes more than ten years, and cut that in half.  Although originally designed for military use, the same technology has also found commercial applications including medical diagnostics and biological drug development.” 

Dr. Ray Yin, ANP’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer, accepted the award at a ceremony this morning in Washington, DC. Afterward, he met with SBA Administrator, Karen Mills, and attended a reception at the White House.

“This is a proud day not only for ANP Technologies but also for the state of Delaware,” said Jayne Armstrong, SBA’s Director in Delaware. “Companies like ANP represent the best in American ingenuity.”


About ANP Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2002, Newark, Delaware-based ANP Technologies is the world leader in developing and commercializing various nanobiotechnology-based platforms for applications related to biodefense, biologic drug development and testing, medical diagnostics, and therapeutic drug delivery.

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