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ANP Awarded Prestigious BIRD Grant

Newark, DE (July 14, 2014) - ANP Technologies, Inc., a world leader in developing and commercializing various nanobiotechnology-based products today announced that the BIRD Foundation has awarded a grant to the Company and its Israeli-based partner, Mekorot, to develop an automated monitoring system for the detection of pesticides in water.  Such a system can be utilized in various municipal water facilities for fixed site source and product water quality monitoring.  Pesticide contamination in water has become a serious problem in many countries around the world, primarily due to increased pesticide usage to alleviate world hunger in the past few decades. The system will also be able to detect intentional contamination of a water source or water system, which could pose a major threat to public health and safety.

The BIRD (Binational Industrial R&D) Foundation promotes collaboration between Israeli and American companies that can demonstrate the combined capabilities and infrastructure to develop, manufacture, sell and support an innovative product based on industrial R&D.


The grant is a direct result of last July’s visit to Israel by the Delaware State Delegation led by Governor Jack Markell and the Secretary of Department of Economic Development Office (DEDO), Alan Levin. As a member of this high level delegation, ANP’s President and Founder, Dr. Ray Yin, was granted access to a large number of potential partners and was uniquely impressed with Mekorot, Israel’s national water company and a worldwide leader at water quality and safety monitoring technologies implementation, and the synergies that exist between both companies.


Mr. Tom Bodnar, Chief Business Officer at ANP, commented, “We are very much looking forward to working hand in hand with Mekorot after all of the excellent ground work laid by Governor Markell and Secretary Levin. Without their unique assistance, a small company like ANP would have never had the ability to make in-roads such as these. It is a very exciting time for ANP Technologies.”

“The details and thoughtful planning for this trip by Dave Mathe from the Delaware’s International Trade Office and its counterpart in Israel was truly amazing.  We were able to meet with over a dozen companies in a short time span and receive such a positive outcome, which is a tremendous boost to our company," commented by Dr. Ray Yin.

“For our state to reach its potential, we must look beyond our borders to grow the economy and give our companies the best chances to compete,” said Governor Markell. “ANP has demonstrated the tremendous benefits of developing partnerships around the world and I congratulate Dr. Yin and his team on this exciting grant.”

“The opportunities for our small businesses in expanding economies are endless, but we know it can be challenging initially for them to access these markets. That’s why we continue to make it a priority to help entrepreneurs make connections all over the world, including through trips to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.”


Upon being made aware of the news regarding the BIRD Foundation announcement, Secretary Levin commented, “Delaware has many innovative small high tech companies like ANP.  We are very proud of “showing off” these companies to various Israeli customers.  Congratulations to ANP to have the opportunity to work with one of the largest utility companies in the world under this prestigious BIRD grant!”


Much of the underlying technology that this system will be based upon is a direct result of Phase III SBIR Funding from the U.S. Army which allowed for the extension of this technology into the commercial market.


Using the same technology, ANP has also developed a rapid pesticide test for home use. This test gives families a quick and easy way to ensure the safety of their food, which should be of particular concern to expectant and breast-feeding mothers.  This test has also become a very popular educational tool for middle/high school students conducting their first scientific research projects.  Using this test, a middle school student discovered that her school cafeteria was serving apples with detectable levels of pesticides, compared to apples from her local grocer, which were safe.

About ANP Technologies, Inc.

ANP Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in developing and commercializing various nano-biotechnology-based products for applications related to nanotherapeutics, immunogenicity testing, chemical and biological defense, as well as food safety testing.

About Mekorot

Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, established in 1937, and has annual sales of $600 million, 2,200 employees, and a balance total of about $2 billion. Mekorot’s water supply system comprises more than 800 pumping stations, over 1,200 wells, more than 2,400 pumps, over 10,500km of large-diameter pipes, 750 concrete and steel reservoirs, 90 large earth reservoirs and related equipment.  Mekorot’s extensive R&D activities include dozens of projects each year, with a significant portion focused on water quality monitoring technology development, application and validation.

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