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ANP Technologies Spins Out New Social Media Company, ANP Health (ANPH) Focusing on Mobile Health and Wellness

Newark, DE (March 30, 2017) - ANP Technologies, Inc. has created a social media spin off company, ANP Health which leverages a vertically integrated consumer product marketing network to promote mobile health and foster wellness through an award-winning U.S. Military technology - The NIDS® ACE-III Test Kit - a rapid, one-step test to screen for pesticides and toxic metal compounds in daily food and drink. The easy to use test is paired with a free mobile app, arming consumers with the tools to test, monitor, and share with friends and family their results. Consumers can rest easy, knowing their fruits, vegetables, reas, and even wines are free of dangerous pesticides. In addition to the consumer version of the test, ANP Health also sells a professional version of the test (ACE II Test Kit) along with a handheld reader capable of performing automated analysis and storing the electronic records to its partnered vendors to further insure and improve the quality of their products.  Finally, ANP Health also provides unique marketing opportunities to its partnered vendors and consumer product providers using its vertically integrated consumer product marketing network.

About ANP Health, LLC

ANP Health empowers consumers to take control of their lives through an award-winning U.S. Military technology to rapidly screen their daily food and drink for pesticide and toxic heavy metal contamination.

About ANP Technologies, Inc.​

ANP Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in developing and commercializing various Nano-biotechnology-based products for applications in Nano-therapeutics, immunogenicity testing, chemical and biological defense, medical diagnostics, and food safety testing.

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