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ANP Introduces Latest Hot Product Offering

Newark, DE (September 25, 2012) – Responding to customers’ desires for a solution to the ever present challenge of endogenous interfering proteins in the analysis of biological samples, ANP today announces the introduction of the NIDS® NPX4000 Interfering Protein Removal/Extraction Kits.


Bioanalytical methods for measuring analytes in matrices are susceptible to endogenous interfering proteins, which can significantly affect the accuracy and validity of test results.  These interfering substances such as endogenous binding proteins, free drug molecules, blockers, immune complexes, and receptors can be selectively removed from a sample using a binding agent (such as an antibody) attached to our novel extracting nanoparticles. The NPX4000 Kits enable the analyst to easily prepare coated nanoparticles for efficient scavenging of specific interfering proteins prior to analysis. Alternatively, ANP can attach the chosen binding agent to the extracting nanoparticles upon the customer’s request.  The customer can choose from a list of binding agents for 140 different endogenous proteins currently available or provide their own binding agents for attachment to the extraction nanoparticles.


The easy-to-use process uses up to 100-fold less binding reagent with greater binding capacity than conventional magnetic microparticle-based methods and can remove up to 1µg/mL of interfering proteins.  Bioanalytical methods such as diagnostic, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and immunogenicity assays have shown improved accuracy and sensitivity after sample pretreatment using these innovative extraction nanoparticles linked to target-specific off-the-shelf binding reagents such as antibodies.


“These extracting nanoparticles are a quick and simple solution to a very difficult problem in developing accurate and sensitive bioanalytical methods.” remarked Dr. Yli Remo Vallejo., ANP’s Senior Vice President overseeing Research & Development.


The kit is already in use by ANP’s existing customer base including large bio-pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. It is an important tool that can aid virtually any scientist working in drug development and medical diagnostics.

About ANP Technologies, Inc.
ANP Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in developing and commercializing various nanobiotechnology-based products for applications related to immunogenicity, biodefense, biologic drug development/testing and therapeutic drug delivery.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, ANP is headquartered in Newark, Delaware.  For more information about ANP, please visit or telephone 302-283-1730.

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