ACE I Rapid Pesticide Test for Military Use

A fluorescence-based high sensitivity nerve agent and pesticide test kit designed for on-site military use for the detection of low levels of nerve agents and pesticides in drinking water. 

Results analyzed by the ruggedized handheld reader in 45 minutes.

ASDR ACE-II Rapid Pesticide Test for Professional Use

A lateral flow assay (LFA)–based rapid on-site pesticide test kit for professional use by water and food safety agencies, first responders, and businesses. The fluorescent signal is measured by a handheld reader. 

Broad spectrum pesticide and toxic/heavy metal contamination results in 12 minutes. 

ACE III Rapid Pesticide Test for Home and Personal Use

The ACE III Pesticide/Toxic Metal rapid, affordable, and easy way for home users to detect organophosphate and carbamate pesticides and toxic metals including lead and copper that may contaminate fruit and produce, tea, alcohol, water, and beverages.


These toxicants can come from agricultural spraying and runoff or from environmental and industrial contamination. 

Results in only 6 minutes.

Known Chemical Inhibitors of Acetylcholinesterase 

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