Nanoencapsulation and Nanotherapeutics


1. Nanoencapsulation of Poorly Soluble Drugsnano-small

Using its library of patented polymers, ANP has successfully nanoencapsulated poorly soluble drugs to improve their pharmacokinetics, reduce their toxicity, and enhance their therapeutic efficacy.

By enclosing poorly soluble drugs within a capsule of self-assembled polymeric molecules, the resultant amorphous drug(s) become readily water soluble, thus greatly enhancing their bioavailability. Based on our extensive experience with many poorly soluble drugs, we can structurally fine-tune our polymers for maximum efficacy of each insoluble drug’s therapeutic performance. Our nanoencapsulation technology is ideal for formulating poorly soluble drugs into soluble surfactant- and solvent-free amorphous drug entities for IV injection.


Click for AAPS poster: "Comparison of In Vivo Efficacy of Nanoencapsulated Paclitaxel with Taxol and Abraxane, AAPS National Meeting, November 11, 2013"


  • Increased solubility of poorly soluble small molecules, greatly enhancing their bioavailability as well as administration flexibility (IV, Oral, etc.)
  • Enhanced tissue penetration leading to greater overall efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and reduced toxicity.

Paclitaxel is a known, poorly soluble drug. Through nanoencapsulation, we have made the nanoencapsulated paclitaxel (FID-007) soluble in water for IV injection.  Efficacy studies using FID-007 have shown tumor reduction in breast, ovarian, lung, leukemia, pancreatic, gastric and bladder cancers in a mouse xenograft model.


2. Nanoencapsulation of Protein/Antibody Drugs


  • Significantly improved stability of large molecule therapeutic proteins to allow storage at room temperature or above.
  • Identical efficacy to non-encapsulated antibody even after exposed to extreme heat conditions, as demonstrated by both in vitronano-ab and in vivo studies.

ANP-015 is a nanoencapsulated antibody cocktail for the treatment of Zaire Ebola virus. The naked antibody cocktail is currently the most effectivetreatment for Ebola infection under compassionate use. However, it can only be shipped and stored at -80 °C, which makes it very difficult to use in low resource areas such as West Africa.  Through the utilization of our nano-drug delivery system, our nanoencapsulated antibody cocktail can be shipped and stored at room or elevated temperatures. Importantly, this technology can be applied to other large molecule based therapeutics that need better stability across a broad temperature range.

Recently, the Department of Defense (DoD) awarded ANP Technologies, Inc. a Multi-Million dollar contract to carry out the development and clinical testing of ANP-015. As mentioned above, this new, highly effective, and temperature stable antibody therapy for the treatment of Ebola infection will help save countless lives through its drastically improved stability. Click here for more information

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